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TEFL is a great industry, it gives you the chance to travel around the world and influence your student’s life for the better. You get to be part of other cultures, see amazing things and meet some fantastic people, and you get paid for it.

It can be scary traveling around the world hoping there's a job waiting for you, so you need to be able to trust your TEFL provider. We understand that completely, and here’s why you trust us:

  • We’re all TEFL teachers we know how it feels to be in your shoes making that first step into teaching.
  • We’ve created a great course. Your course has had 13 000 graduates over 3 years and has a positive feedback score of 93%
  • Our course is accredited by a UK government agency Training Qualifications UK and is valid and recognised in pretty much every country in the world.
  • You’ll have full support on the job application process including interview support, visa support and travel support.
  • We’ll send you on your way with a pack of lesson plans, and you’ll have a local representative on hand to iron out any difficulties.
  • It works because we care. We want you to have the time of your life, like we did. So we go the extra mile.


We’ve been running TEFL courses for 3 years and we’ve fine tuned our course and our student’s experience. Our 140 hour Online course has 10 modules, each with an test. The course finishes with an extensive exam with 100 questions. Here’s a rundown of what’s included in the course:

  • UNIT 1 - AN INTRODUCTION TO TEFL - Understanding what kind of teacher you want to be and student learning styles
  • UNIT 2 - CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT - How to maintain control and discipline in the classroom as well as how to communicate with students with limited English.
  • UNIT 3 - LESSON PLANNING - Understand how to create and deliver interested and relevant lessons.
  • UNIT 4 - TEACHING SKILLS - What are the skills of a language, how to teach them together with some ideas to get you started.
  • UNIT 5 - PRONUNCIATION AND PHONOLOGY - Breaking down language to better understand how we actually pronounce sounds and use intonation.
  • UNIT 6 - GAMES AND QUIZZES - The importance of games and quizzes in practicing and revising vocabulary and structures.
  • UNIT 7 - FUNCTIONAL ENGLISH - Language that has a specific use, why we teach it and how we deliver it.
  • UNIT 8 - ONE-TO-ONE LESSONS - How 1 to 1 lesson differ from group lesson, how we set up the class, lesson plan and deliver lessons differently.
  • UNIT 9 - TEACHING YOUNG LEARNERS - Teaching kids is a little bit different than adults and we explain how you should approach it.
  • UNIT 10 - GRAMMAR - The meat and drink of teaching English is teaching grammar. It’s daunting for a lot of TEFL teachers but we explain it in a easy to absorb manner.

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I drifted through life until my mid 20’s when I discovered TEFL. At first I just wanted to get away and I wasn’t very good at saving. I stumbled across TEFL and immediately loved at. And I was good at it, it gave me a buzz. I stayed a TEFL teacher for 8 years teaching before moving into TEFL training, first for another training company before I wrote my own course with the help of a few friends. Since then I’ve gone on to create course after course, all accredited and certified. I love what I do and I want others to love TEFL too. For me it’s about the experience from the moment you start your course, till the moment you finish your first year of teaching. We’ll take care of you.



Buying online is always a concern and TEFL is not different. We want to take away all the risk and the best way to do it is to give you a full money back guarantee. If you qualify for a guaranteed job, in your country of choice. If we don’t provide you it, when you want it, then we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.



  • We have qualified 13 000 TEFL teachers with our 140 hour Online TEFL Course
  • We work with the best TEFL recruiters around the planet
  • To find out if Guaranteed TEFL jobs is right for you click here.
  • Fully accredited and certified TEFL course
  • Accommodation organised
  • Full visa support and local support

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